Kingston Digital DataTraveler SE9 16GB USB 2.0 (DTSE9H/16GBZET)

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Best USB XBox One vs PS4 Reviews

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Best USB XBox One vs PS4 Reviews


Julian Nam says:

Perfect combination of form & function I needed a USB drive on my keychain. I bought 6 different ones (some purchased at Amazon and some at Staples). This one is my favorite. The metal casing feels strong yet light. And it fits easily on any keychain. It’s about 80% the size of a standard house key (see my photo that I added). Also, it’s very good looking. Looks great on the keychain; looks great when inserted into any computer.The drive read/write speeds are a little on the slow side but reasonable. I timed some file transfers on my computer (Dell Optiplex 380):* For read speeds, I averaged 16.1 MB/s (ranged from 10 MB/s to 18 MB/s).* For write speeds, I averaged 6.8 MB/s (ranged from 4 MB/s to 11 MB/s).In general, larger files took longer to transfer than smaller files (single 300 MB file took longer to move than one hundred 3 MB files). Other users with the same device have reported an average of 17-18 MB/s read speeds and 11-12 MB/s write speeds. These are considered to be AVERAGE speeds…

LibbyLA says:

UPDATED: computer problems (I’m leaving the original review, but please see the update below for an explanation of the problem, which was one of my computers, not the drives.) These are really nice small USB drives, but that’s the only nice thing I can say about them. I bought five of them to use to make recovery media for four computers. Only one of the five seemed to work, but there’s no way I’m keeping that one because I don’t trust it. The recovery media creation process requires that Windows reformat the USB drives. At least a couple of them weren’t readable in the first place so Windows couldn’t format them. Another couple were recognized by the computer but Windows wasn’t able to format them. I have used lots of different USB drives in all of these computers with no problem so I don’t know what the problem is with these particular ones, but I’m very disappointed.UPDATED 8/12/2014: I’ve changed my rating to four stars, might even consider five stars if I hadn’t had the problems I had…

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