Smatree Rechargeable Battery for Xbox One /Xbox One S /Xbox One X Wireless Controller, 2000mAH (3-Pack) NI-MH Battery + Dual-Charger

February 14, 2018 - Comment

Best USB XBox One vs PS4 Reviews

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Best USB XBox One vs PS4 Reviews


Spartan480 says:

Gamers, stop wasting money on AA batteries! Get your gaming thumbs ready, cause these batteries are the real deal. They take about 6-7 hours to charge and that is the only negative. I use a cell phone charger with the included usb cable to charge the batteries. You can attach the included charge cable to your xbox one to charge or other usb port. Not too hard to figure out how to insert the batteries, there are green arrows “pointing” the way. If you need help, the directions are ok but the amazon photos make it very clear how the batteries align in the controller. The batteries work with any xbox one, xbox S, and xbox elite controller. I play maybe 1-2 hours a day and I have yet to recharge the batteries. The charge level has decreased but I would estimate 25-30 hours of game time per battery. Also, you can’t charge the battery while its in the controller, the battery must be removed and charged separately. The charge level does show up in the xbox one dasboard. No messy cables attached to your controller, no chargers…

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